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  • Special Event Medal x 1
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Design Your Own Super Tank!

Create an awesome tank and challenge players from all over the world!

1 vs 1 Death Match

1 vs 1 Death Match

A single match to see who's strongest! Defeat your enemies with a unique tankof your own creation! Destroy or pushthe enemy's tank off the cliff to win.

2 vs 2 Death Match

2 vs 2 Death Match

Nothing can stop you when you worktogether with a friend.Defeat your enemies in a showof spectacular teamwork!

1 vs 1 Death Match(Volcano)

1 vs 1 Death Match(Volcanic Island)

Push your enemy into the lava! Enjoy a variety of fun battles in differentenvironments.

Commanders Introduction

Descendant of the Legendary
General Patton
More than anything else, Patton treasures
the shining metal helmet that her
grandfather used to wear.
Patton has been devoted to building
tanks since she was a child.
She has a few unique habits when working,
such as avoiding stepping on lines and
arranging tank parts by size.
Special Attack
Increases movement speed and reduces
main gun cooldown.
Hero and Veteran of the Tank Corps
During his time with the Armored
Brigade, he was famous for his bravery.
Despite his appearance,
he is warmhearted and always
ready to sacrifice himself.
He also loves cute little animals.
Special Attack
Installs a shield,
minimizing damage.
Mischievous Daughter of a Notable
Pirate Family
Her peaceful life came to an end
the day she discovered a treasure
map in her attic.
Despite her family's opposition,
she then set out for adventure.
Her whale friends can always be
found nearby,
sticking close to protect her.
Special Attack
Fires 3 guided shark missiles.
MC Driver
Legendary Rapper and DJ
The club he and his friends worked
hard to create was destroyed in battle.
Armed with rhythm and beats,
he aims to defend his friends and city.
Special Attack
Throws a woofer that emits
sound waves, attacking and
slowing down the enemy.
Leader of the Infamous Crows
The leader of a group of bandits that is
infamous among the area's merchants.
He used to be a miner,
but after the mine closed down,
he became a bandit who plunders
passing freight trains.
Special Attack
Launches a bomb that splits twice,
becoming nine missiles.
Genius Scientist and Inventor
of Strange Things
A stubborn scientist who is
self-centered but passionately
devoted to science.
He's throwing a super tank
tournament to prove the excellence
of the new electric tank he recently
Special Attack
Launches airborne drones to attack with
powerful electricity.
Notorious Gunman from the West
A feared gunman who's been
in the business for a long time.
One glance at his yellow scarf is enough
to scare an entire town into hiding.
No one knows what could have
compelled such a talented gunman
to take part in a battle of tanks.
Special Attack
Rapidly fires his revolver 6 times.
The City's Best-Known
Ghost Taxi Driver
He dreamt of fame, but tragically,
he got into a car accident.
After waking from a long slumber,
he found that he has become the most
famous taxi driver in the city.
Except for the fact that he's dead,
everything's business as usual!
Special Attack
Blocks the enemy's tank from moving,
dealing damage.
A Miner Who Dreams
of Owning a Mine
Ryan is a genius miner who's been
talented at digging since she was a child.
She is traveling all across the land,
searching for a yet undiscovered
gold mine.
Special Attack
Throws a pickax, stunning the enemy's
tank and pulling it towards her.
The #1 Exterminator
Unidentified giant monsters have
appeared in the contaminated
area in the west.
Nothing but Pyro's flamethrower
works to exterminate these monsters.
Special Attack
Shoots a pillar of fire.
Inflicts additional damage to burning
A Polar Bear Who Hates the Cold
Despite living in the Arctic,
he's extremely sensitive
to cold weather.
His goal is to travel the world and
meet other bears.
Special Attack
Drops hundreds of icicles from the sky,
dealing damage.
Inflicts additional damage
to frozen enemies.
A Soldier Who Just Returned
from the Jungle
Sperry fought as a bomber during
the World War, but was forced to make
an emergency landing in the jungle.
After a long time, he was finally able
to remodel the bomber into a tank and
escape the jungle.
The war may be over, but the super tank
battle is just beginning!
Special Attack
Summons a mini ball turret and attacks
with a machine gun.


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